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  • Isteni Műszak (Heavenly Shift)

  • Isteni Műszak (Heavenly Shift)



Uniofilm Entertainment Kft is a Hungarian film production company that has been making feature films for more than 15 years now. From the macabre humour of 'Heavenly shift' through the musical fun of 'Swing' to the cold-war thriller of 'The exam', we have a produced films of many genre.

We're always on the lookout for new ideas: we always have a number of projects underway and are looking for co-production opportunities here and internationally.

Hungary's film industry is booming. The modern infrastructure, the generous tax incentives and a low-cost, highly trained, English-speaking workforce, make the country a great place to make films.

Take a look at what we've done and contact us to talk about creative opportunities.



of our work

Under the direction of SZÁSZ János, our latest film, "The butcher, the whore and the one-eyed man" had its premier on 22nd January 2018 in Budapest.

 A hentes, a kurva és a félszemü
(2017) on IMDb


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that we are



Owner, CEO and Producer

Jonathan TILL

Jonathan TILL

Owner and Co-Producer


that we're working on

  • Holtverseny (Dead Heat)

    Holtverseny (Dead Heat)

    Status: Development... Holtverseny (Dead Heat) by Benedek Totth is a book that received critical acclaim both in Hungary and recently in France where the Actes Sud has published a translation of the book into French (hvg.hu): "a sparkling, but spell-bound black diamond" wrote Encre Noir; "written in the rhythm of
  • Jimmy


    Status: Development... We are preparing for a film about the life of Jimmy Zámbó, a very successful Hungarian singer who died in tragic circumstances at the peak of his career in 2001. Jimmy began a singing career with the Hungarian State Radio Children's Choir before he working in the US
  • Az Ellopott Korona (The Stolen Crown)

    Az Ellopott Korona (The Stolen Crown)

    Status: Development... SUBTITLE: 27th October 1439 NARRATOR IN A DEEP, BUT ALARMED VOICE: In the Hungarian army gathering against the Turks an epidemic of dysentery broke out. Our first Habsburg ruler, the noble King Albert, has also caught this disease devastating his army and is dying. He has no son,
  • Orgia (Orgy)

    Orgia (Orgy)

    Status: Development... At the end of 1944, when the Soviet Army had already surrounded Budapest, Hitler lost World War II for good. In the so-called ARROW CROSS HOUSES, the Hungarian fascists, the so-called ARROW CROSS BROTHERS systematically and brutally tortured and/or killed those Jewish citizens who still remained, had been


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